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Automated Trading Consulting Services

Here at Nordman Algorithms, we are gladly offering auto trading consulting services for our customers. Owning a vast experience in trading, we feel ready to share it with other traders and help you to improve the quality of your trading strategies and of your total income. Along with that, we will be happy to help you better understand your needs, capabilities and risks.
Automatic trading consulting services usually have a unique scope and are not related to any specific trading platform. So you may feel free to ask any questions and have no doubts that are limited just to one market, as it happens in many other companies, which, for example, do only forex consulting.
For us, there are no stupid questions. We are happy to share information in the field of general knowledge, as well as specific insight on particular questions and areas.
Our automated trading consulting services may include:
  • Consultations about which trading platform to use
We will gladly get you acquainted with the most comfortable platforms that exist nowadays and help you to choose the one that perfectly suits your need. We are not just a forex finance consulting company. We work with a rich variety of systems and are open to present you our evaluated experience.
In addition, we hold guiding sessions, where we will present the possibilities of the chosen platform and help to do the settings, so that you will be able to directly start trading.
  • Checking if it is possible to code the trading strategy or custom indicator based on your idea
We are ready to do the coding for you, but of course, it all starts with analysis. Clearly, there may be cases when your idea is neither a trading strategy nor a custom indicator. In this situation, it can be a script, a plug-in or any other form of software. However, before getting down to work, we suggest holding analysis, so that we can choose the optimal solution for your needs.
  • Trading strategy testing and optimizing
It is always a good idea to do strategy testing and optimizing, to get the maximum from your activity. Our FX trading consultants will gladly look deep into every step and give you a list of suggested improvements. It is up to you, whether to use them or not, but the results of our clients show that you probably should.
  • Code review and analysis
Our coding team is ready to lend you a hand in code review and analysis. Do you have any problems coding yourself or need some expertise? We are here for you. We do forex trading consultancy, as well as for other markets.
  • Statistical analysis
Statistical analysis is an inevitable step in trading, if you really aim at maximizing the profit. Save your time and allow our professional to do it on the outsource basis.
  • Technical related inquiries
We are ready to consult you on any technical related inquiries. During our own trading experience, we managed to encounter and handle many technical problems, so we will be glad to offer you ready-made solutions or design a special one according to your particular situation.
  • Any other question you might have
If there is something else that might need our help, do not hesitate to ask. We have a large and diverse experience that is ready to meet your requirements.
Please, fill free to contact us with your inquiry specifying as many details as possible and we will get back to you soon.