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cTrader Algo Trading


On the platform list – with platforms that are the most widespread and appreciated by the community of both professionals and amateurs – cTrader/cAlgo takes its deserved place. It is no surprise. Nowadays, it manages to offer advanced trading possibilities and aspiring work conditions

ctrader indicator

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Chart Snapshots

It will take you just two clicks to share a snapshot of a chart. You can zoom in; have the timing details and all the necessary information. Everything is designed to be as convenient as possible.

Easy and fast execution

It will not take you much time to start trading with cTrader, which also means that nothing will prevent you from getting your income as soon as possible.

Level II Pricing

Get the whole spectrum of executable prices from liquidity providers and observe perfect transparency for every currency pair.

Asynchronous processing

It allows you to get a better and faster service, while raising the user experience level.

Variety of different orders

Get what you want and be sure to do the trading in the most comfortable way.

Risk management and consultations

Use the support to maximize the income and make smart investment decisions.

Full ECN access

This will make you an effective ECN trader, thanks to the well-organized system and well-thought-out design.

Besides that, cTrader can be well praised for the user-friendly interface. It is easy to use the platform and it does not take you much to reach the desired information. The platform also gives you an amazing charter functionality, so that one can visualize all the necessary information with simply a few clicks. Back testing modules and many other – already installed – indicators are a plus for cTrader algo programming.
Without any doubt, cTrader is one of the easiest platforms. It serves the needs of both the experienced professional traders and the newcomers that are making their first steps in business.
Another thing that makes it a number one choice all around the world is the 14-language option. The available languages are French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, English, Russian and Hungarian.
Moreover, cTrader algo trading provides a huge variety of extra functions and made it possible to develop a specialized computer software. cTrader algo programming of trading bots (which are also called cBots) and Custom Indicators made the trading routine much easier and faster, allowing to focus on the strategy and the details of analytics, rather than manually doing all the job.
The two systems are well integrated with each other, creating the best conditions for an optimized experience. One person can only do manual or automatic trading. However, this way it is possible to use all the power to your advantage. Chart template and account setting can be shared through the same log in.
For everyone interested, there is a chance to try out the demo version of cTrader algo trading. You will be able to test the strategy with absolutely no risk of losing your funds.