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cAlgo Indicators Programming

The automation of trading operations is a real way to solve a problem of the human interference factor in the trading process. There are so many cases when traders willy-nilly deviate from the actual written rules of the trading strategy, relying on their intuition and experience. Thus, an ideally profitable strategy, tested on historical data, is far from the results we get in real trading.
Do you think the root of the evil lie in a broker, strategy tester, speed of execution of orders and other similar things? No, it’s all our doing.
For example, when trading with ECN technology where there is no conflict of interest between a broker and a trader, the speed of execution of orders and the size of the spread are truly incredible, but in the course of real trading, you unambiguously get a completely different result than in conditions of testing on history.
That is where cTrader with its cAlgo app can be considered as a highly effective solution. cTrader operates using STP technology, with end-to-end automated processing of orders for purchase and sale, without third parties interference. This eliminates the possibility of orders manipulation. The platform is suitable for intraday trading due to the availability of customizable minute timeframes and the ability to make transactions in just one click. cTrader does not have the functionality of Dealing desk, so this fact guarantees instant execution of orders without slipping when using some, including high-frequency, trading systems.
At the initial stage, many traders were very upset about the lack of possibility to create automatic trading strategies in cTrader. Luckily, over the time, ingenious developers eliminated this drawback through the advanced cAlgo application, which complements and improves the ECN functionality of the cTrader platform, allowing traders to use various automatic algorithms and simple robots. Now this software also provides a convenient editor, using which professional programmers can write the most complicated algorithms in C #.
One of the most helpful features of this editor is the possibility to create cAlgo indicators. These indicators allow traders to visually analyze the market through the accurate technical analysis. In this way, using indicators you can determine the continuation of a certain trend or its reversal. Possessing such a valuable knowledge, finally, you will be able to make a lucrative deal, avoiding possible losses.
The wide range of cAlgo indicators is really impressive. Ichimoku, Impulse CD, CenterOfGravity, iVAR, Pivot Points, — this is just a beginning of the list.  At Nordman Algorithms, we have a passion for advanced trading software development that revolutionizes the way of interaction with financial markets. Implementation of classic cAlgo indicators and custom cTrader indicators is within our expertise. The main advantage of custom indicators is that you get a unique tool that perfectly matches your core goals and trading strategy on the whole.
Generally, we can help you in realizing these trading objectives:
  • Identification of the main pivot points with no delay;
  • Determination whether a particular instrument (a currency pair) is in a trend or in a flat;
  • Сalculation of moving average values High/Low/Close; 
  • Determination of a current trend and its stability;
  • Avoidance of high impact news events;
  • And many other things.
If you want to get a free quote and time estimation for your cAlgo Custom Indicator idea implementation, please feel free to contact us, describing your project in as much detail as you can or want to.