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cAlgo Bots Developing

It is no surprise that each trader strives to get maximum profit from the potential of financial market, reducing all possible risks and efforts to a minimum. This is particularly true of Forex traders, who are tied to the exchange working in a non-stop mode. Here, at Nordman Algorithms, we offer our clients, – who value their time and high incomes an optimal software solution, such as automated trading bots (cBots), namely cAlgo and cTrader bots. Their aim is to automate trading process and execute all financial operations, according to the trading rules. We develop each new bot in a custom format, in order to meet the specific requirements and peculiarities of your own business.
Modern bots significantly simplify the way we interact with money and other common things. We can hardly imagine a sphere that benefits from the automated bots more than the financial market. Their indubitable advantages include high speed and general performance rate, fast and accurate search, ease of use, and full automation. As we have said earlier, the automation is a core feature of successful trades, since it gets rid of the necessity of sitting in front of a computer to monitor the market and all its changes. cAlgo and cTrader bots perform all these tasks on their own during working days, constantly providing you with real-time updates, instantly making winning decisions.
Moreover, automated trading bots solve the significant problem of “the human factor”. Sometimes, psychology causes circumstances that hardly can be predicted or even prevented. For example, with a simple inattention you might confuse some numbers or letters. To solve this, the automated bots have a great capacity to correctly and accurately perceive and analyze huge volumes of data, which is something that would be is impossible for the human brain.
Let us dig deeper. We can get into more severe situations that evoke a whole spectrum of emotions and feelings, like fear, greed, anger or despair. Such psychological aspects can have an impact on our decision and actions, eventually leading to failure. Luckily, bots do not have emotions, so you can fully rely on their rationality and stability in serious matters.
Developing an automated trading bot is an extremely serious task, because you will make investments using this automated software. It is a tool by means of which you are going to manage your real money. That is why the trading software should be developed in a reliable manner, taking into account every possible situation that may happen while your trading robot runs.
In addition to the well-developed functionality and security, it is necessary to give careful thought to a strategy of your bot – a set of parameters for when you are trading. Typically, the owner sets it manually, and then the program runs following the trader’s strategy. However, the fewer settings the bot has, the lower you can influence the strategy. On the same level, the more you implement such parameters, the more profitable this bot can be, when in the hands of an experienced trader. For those who are beginners, it is recommended to use common variants of strategies with all parameters included. There are stock market strategies, strategies developed for certain pairs of currencies, and so on. In any case, we develop tailor-made trading bots with unique strategies and sets of parameters, to give you the opportunity to stay afloat in this highly competitive and risky area.
Our rich experience in the automated software development allows us to implement stable and reliable cBots – of any complexity – that are maintainable, extendable, and that match your trading strategy. Specifically, these can be:
  • Trend following cBot;
  • Flat trading cBot;
  • Grid cBot;
  • News trading cBot;
  • Indicators based cBot;
  • Etc.
If you want to get a free quote and time estimation for your cBot development, please feel free to contact us, describing your project in detail.