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cTrader Bot Programming

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from $200

  • Custom cTrader Bot
  • Beta test
  • Installation support
  • Individual approach
  • Lifetime bug-free guarantee
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from $270

  • Custom cTrader Bot
  • Beta test
  • Installation support
  • Individual approach
  • Lifetime bug-free guarantee
  • Consulting
  • Trailing Stop
  • Break-even
  • Time session filter
  • Reasonable add-ons upon a review

About cTrader Automated Trading Bots

cTrader is widely recognised as one of the best trading platform around due to the amount of control and flexibility it gives users.
cTrader’s native programming language, C#, is used to build trading robots, or cBots. Those familiar with C# programming can build cBots to back-test and automate advanced trading strategies in real time.
cBots can be developed to trade on almost any financial markets around the world, simultaneously freeing up the trader’s time for more important tasks and eliminating emotion from their trading.
Among cTrader’s powerful features are advanced order management functionality and multi time-frame support. Experienced cTrader programmers can build cBots that fully leverage these features to automatically make decisions and execute trades in real time – something humans are simply unable to do.

What we do

There are several advantages to trading a strategy that you have developed yourself – you can read more about the pros and cons of buying vs building a cBot here.
However, that doesn’t mean you need to code a cBot yourself. In fact, in many cases it makes sense to outsource this job to professionals who specialise in cTrader Bots development. Besides turning your idea into a fully automated trading system we can assist with the following:
  • Logic flow: cBots that are not properly programmed often end up with flaws in the logic. Our team of experienced C# developers know which flaws to look out for and can advise accordingly.
  • Architecture: We can design the architecture of your cBot to accommodate additional features you may wish to add in the future. During the cBot development process, we will make sure all your cBots will be easily testable, extendable and maintainable in the future.
  • cTrader Programming: Our team’s advanced cTrader development skills allow us to build cBots that leverage the full power and functionality of cTrader.
  • Support: Our team will help you set up your trading robot to make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to and provide ongoing support when needed.
  • Lifetime Bug Free Guarantee: Bugs are a common reality in all software programs, even cTrader programming. We will make sure that any bugs are fixed if they arise.

Advantages of Trading with a cTrader Bot

Automating your trading with a cTrader Bot offers several advantages:
  • Eliminate the negative effects of emotions on trading.
  • cBots make decisions instantly and aren’t prone to human error.
  • Free up time for more important tasks and research.
  • Can be traded 24 hours a day on markets around the globe.
  • Build strategies based on empirical evidence.
  • Easily back test your strategy on different markets and time frames.

Types of cBots

cTrader Bot can be coded for more types of trading systems than you may think:
Indicator Based cBot
Is built using standard and custom indicators
Grid cBot
Opens and closes trades based on price levels calculated based on the most recent position’s entry level
Trend Following cBot
That follows trends while avoiding flat periods can be easily coded by cTrader developers
Flat Trading cBot
Takes advantage of range-bound markets which still offer numerous trading opportunities
Price Action cBot
Is based entirely on price action and price patterns
News Trading cBot
Is developed in C# to profit from price movements around news releases