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MT4 Expert Advisor Programming

Successful Forеx trading is guaranteed when you usе a good trading platform. Nowadays, the majority of financial players choose MetaTrader 4/5; sеvеral thousand banks and brokеrage companiеs throughout the world activеly usе it. The choice between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 usually depends on your needs and on your broker requirements, but in general, MetaTrader 4 is commonly used for trading Forex assets, while MetaTrader 5 is used to trade Stocks, Indexes, Futures and other derivatives.
The great popularity of MetaTrader platform is duе to the powеrful functionality and widе opportunitiеs it offеrs to modеrn Forex tradеrs. Namеly, you can:
  • Make transactions on the Forex market and other financial markets;
  • Set special orders Stop Loss and Take Profit to lock in profits and prevent large losses;
  • Receive quotes in real time;
  • Trade in one click;
  • Conduct a high-quality technical analysis based on the powerful MetaTrader database, various indicators, scripts and graphs with 9 time intervals;
  • Copy transactions of successful traders;
  • Download a mobile app for Android or iOS;
  • Test and improve trading strategies;
  • Carry out automatic financial operations with the help of trading robots and advisers;
  • Write your own Expert Advisor robot (MetaTrader 4/5 EA programming) and indicators in the MQL4/MQL5 programming languages.
The last two points are the most attractive features of this platform, since they allow users to automate a trading process, literally eliminating all manual operations. At Nordman Algorithms, we value your time and want you to concentrate on global issues instead of uninterrupted monitoring of the Forex market state. For this purpose, we provide MT4 Expert Advisor programming services, using that our clients receive tailor-made smart trading robots. Their main advantage is that you can use them automatically to test strategies based on historical data, without having to search for entry and exit points manually, by scanning all archived data.  Our MT4 EA programmers implement trading robots as a script in appropriate programming languages, employing additional MetaTrader tools.
In order to reduce your active engagement in this process, we deliver complex Forex MT4/MT5 EA automated trading systems, which can fully automate a strategy implementation, including opening and closing of trading positions, entering stop-loss orders and take-profit orders, etc.
Automated trading bots can trade 24 hours a day and you do not need to keep track of the charts any more. Depending on your preferences, goals and the given algorithm, Expert Advisors can open/close positions on breakdowns of important support/resistance levels or based on settings of technical indicators.
Another benefit of the MetaTrader EA programming is that a trading bot trades in a system in complete accordance with the rules of your strategy. Having no psychological and emotional aspects, Expert Advisor does not deviate from the established system parameters, violating the trading discipline.
The fact is in the unpredictable Forex market; even experienced traders can face many risks and pitfalls. An effective trading always requires serious preparation and reliable tools. The practice shows that when using trading bots, the number of profitable trades exceeds losses. That is why Expert Advisor is an indispensable element of success. Our team has a strong expertise in the MetaTrader 4/5 EA programming:
  • Trend following EA;
  • Flat trading EA;
  • Grid EA;
  • News trading EA;
  • Indicators based EA;
  • Etc.
If you want to get a free quote and a time estimation for your Expert Advisor development, please feel free to contact us, describing your project in detail.