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MetaTrader Custom Indicator Programming

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  • Custom MT4 Indicator
  • Source code
  • Beta test
  • Installation support
  • Individual approach
  • Consulting
  • Lifetime bug-free guarantee



  • Custom MT5 Indicator
  • Source code
  • Beta test
  • Installation support
  • Individual approach
  • Consulting
  • Lifetime bug-free guarantee

MT4 -> MT5


  • Converted Indicator
  • Source code
  • Beta test
  • Installation support
  • Individual approach
  • Consulting
  • Lifetime bug-free guarantee

Advantages of Trading with Custom Indicators

MetaTrader comes with most well-known indicators already installed. Indicators like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, stochastics, MACDs and RSIs are well known and widely used. They have become popular because they can be used across multiple asset classes and timeframes and can be used for a range of tasks.
However, traders can significantly enhance their trading and profitability by developing their own custom indicators. The following are just a few of the advantages of custom indicators:
  • Well known forex indicators are good all-purpose tools but may not be best suited to a specific market or time frame. In that case, a customised indicator can be developed to identify very specific patterns or opportunities.
  • The most profitable and robust trading strategies are usually based on patterns that very few other traders know about. These patterns are developed by observation, analysis and testing. Once a pattern has been developed, one or more unique indicator can then be designed as the building blocks for a new system.
  • Unique forex indicators are a form of intellectual property which can allow a trader to capture profits that other market participants can’t.
  • Each market has its own characteristics, and often require different types of indicators to effectively reflect volume, volatility, momentum and other factors.

What we do

There are several advantages to outsourcing the coding to a specialist development team.
Our team has advanced trading system and indicator development skills and experience. The following are a few of the advantages of working with our team:
  • Our team knows MetaTrader 4/5 and MQL inside and out which allows us to make optimal use of the platform’s functionality. This can significantly improve performance.
  • We can help you to make sure there are no flaws in the logic behind your indicator, and that it is not over optimised, or curve fitted.
  • We can build your indicator in such a way that it can be seamlessly incorporated into an automated trading system or EA at a later stage.
  • We will test the system for bugs, and if any arise a later stage, we will remove them.

About MetaTrader Custom Indicators

Custom indicators can be developed to indicate specific aspects of an assets price action. Pattern indicators can be developed to highlight patterns, and support and resistance indicators can be built to show the most likely trading range. Trend and momentum indicators can also be designed to indicate trend strength or direction. Alternatively, one indicator can be built to perform several functions.
A well-designed custom indicator can help you take your trading to the next level.
MetaTrader is widely recognised as the best trading platform around due to the amount of control and flexibility it gives users.
MetaTrader’s native programming language, MQL, is used to build automated trading systems and custom indicators. The platform’s powerful analysis and back testing tools can also be used to develop a custom MT4 indicator to identify patterns and opportunities specific to certain markets, time frames and trading styles.
The most profitable and robust trading strategies are often those that few people trade or are aware of. Custom MetaTrader indicators allow traders to develop very unique trading strategies based on these patterns that are not widely known or traded.

Types of Indicators

Trend Detection Indicator
Any indicator that will help you to identify a trend (either up or down)
Support and Resistance Zones Indicator
An indicator that helps you to detect potential areas of support or resistance and of potential reversal zones
Flat Detection Indicator
An indicator that will help you identify and take advantage of a flat market or range-bound market
News Indicator
An indicator that will alert you to upcoming news event and the potential market impact or relevance
Trend Strength Indicator
An indicator that may tell you whether trend has just started or if it is losing momentum
Pivot Point Indicator
An indicator that shows you price levels at which a market is likely to reverse