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NinjaTrader Programming Services

NinjaTrader 7/8

If you have ever thought of the perfect trading platform that should satisfy every possible need and be able to offer your service the widest range of functions, you should consider NinjaTrader, one of the best options around. This trading platform that utilises NinjaTrader Programming Language (NinjaScript) may indeed boast of being one of the most widespread platforms around the world, as well as being perfectly designed in its functional processing.

ninjatrader programming

ninjatrader indicators

Real time quotes

Be aware of what is going on now on any chosen trading asset and receive current information from the preferred data sources.

Module of market analysis

Allow the system to collect and provide you the up-to-date information concerning the market, so that you can immediately make your decision.

Module of strategy analyzer

This analytical tool can lend a great hand in building and optimizing your strategy on the market. Surprisingly, it does not take much effort to do that, due to its functional design.

Charting options

Enjoy the set of more than one hundred pre-installed indicators, as well as an extra hundreds of third-party indicators. Besides, it broadens the market possibilities and creates the best environment for multi-time and multi-instrumental analytics.

User-friendly interface

The well-designed interface makes it easy to use the platform from the very first day. There is no need to spend time adjusting to it, but rather use the extra hours to polish your strategy and increase the income.


SuperDom is meant to make trade visualization as easy as possible. It takes only one click to do order entry, modify or cancel it. If you need more, you can always combine it with the Module of Advanced Trade Management (ATM).


The Advanced Trade Management Module requires a special attention. It actually brings NinjaTrader Programming Language and its experts to the leadership positions in trade management. ATM easily allows the users to pre-define their personal strategies of trade management, on not only the basic level, but also adding in multiple profit targets, OCOs, trailing stops, stop loss orders and many more.

Education and Support

Another plus is the great variety of educational material. It includes free daily webinars, video library, and an active helpful community. Our team has a deep knowledge of the NinjaTrader Programming Language as well as of the NinjaTrader platform itself and is always ready to help. All you need is to contact them by email or through the support forum.

Everyone can enjoy a free demo account, so with NinjaTrader Programming Language, an expert can test ideas and strategies. Moreover, the platform has already in stock thousands of ready-made custom modules, and NinjaTrader add-ons with the help of which one may personalize the trading workspace to his specific needs.
Unfortunately, NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8 are not compatible with each other, so keep it in mind, when making your choice. It is up to the possibilities of the broker or your personal taste which platform to use. Although, with some technical assistance, it is possible to do the conversion of the software between these two platforms.