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NinjaTrader Indicators Development

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NinjaTrader Custom Indicator

At a certain stage of life each trader, who actively studies the topic of volumes, sooner or later tends to find such a useful service which will help him to understand a market profile, clusters and other key aspects of trading.

Luckily, nowadays we are provided with an incredible range of appropriate programs. NinjaTrader is considered to be one of the most attractive software among other innovative tools in this field, since more than 60,000 users all over the world benefit from its various add-ins and applications, absolutely free of charge.

The NinjaTrader 7/8 platform has excellent analytical and trading capabilities. It is noteworthy that its rich and complex functionality assures a high performance and an ease of operation. In NinjaTrader, you are able to perform all the main trading tasks: create trading strategies, test them in real time, and trade in the automatic mode and so on.

The platform provides access to more than a hundred of NinjaTrader Indicators, different timeframes and precise visualization of charts; it also has the demo mode, and most importantly, each trader can customize everything individually.

Learn More About Custom NinjaTrader Indicators Development

The feature of tailor-made solutions creation is especially remarkable in case of custom NinjaTrader Indicators development. In order to make money based on the difference between exchange rates, you need to analyze a huge amount of information by anticipating market fluctuations or adjusting to them.

Indicators are your faithful technical assistants in this situation. NinjaTrader Indicators are based on objective methods of the quantitative analysis of stock data: orders flow, market microstructure events and order books. They help you to understand the processes occurring in the market and to make a correct and effective forecast of the behaviour of currencies for a certain period. NinjaTrader Indicators programming allows you to implement any indicator (in addition to basic ones) that accurately matches your trading goals within your unique trading strategy.

NinjaTrader Indicators development is a highly effective solution for those who strive to make winning trading decisions in the financial market. At Nordman Algorithms, we do our best to give our clients a competitive advantage over other traders. Here are only a few of the opportunities you can get when using NinjaTrader Indicators programming services:

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Trend Detection Indicator

Any indicator that will help you to identify a trend (either up or down)

Support and Resistance Zones Indicator

An indicator that helps you to detect bouncing market zones

Flat Detection Indicator

An indicator that will help you to take all advantages of a flat market

News Indicator

An indicator that will alert you about an upcoming news event as well as about it’s impact

Trend Strength Indicator

An indicator that may tell you whether trend has just started or if it is already ending

Pivot Point Indicator

An indicator that shows you price levels on which market is likely to reverse

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